About Us

Who we are

Monhhny designs clothing that effortlessly take you from sunup to sundown, and everything in-between. We pride ourselves on quality products that will last years, not weeks. Monhnny will always strive to support new ways to fight climate change, promote sustainability, and support our community. 

 Our story

Monhhny is an athleisure/lux loungewear apparel brand based in Vancouver, BC. Founded in 2020 by two sisters, Maya and Maggy Omrani, Monhnny builds on their passion for fitness and fashion. Their aim is to provide long lasting locally designed and manufactured products that are both stylish and comfortable. Monhhny started from redesigning a few secondhand pieces at home, and grew into a new local brand that creates comfortable and functional pieces while focusing on sustainability, transparent pricing, and local manufacturing.

We hope you love Monhnny's creations as much as we enjoy making them